Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back At Market

The Farmers market returns for 2009. Saturday was our first market of the season. We had a great day. Sales were brisk and the energy was great. Considering all of the wierd weather we've experienced this spring we had a nice selection of produce. Lettuce, Asian greens mix, baby bok choi, radsish's, Japanese turnips, braising greens and kale tops. We also had a wide variety of plant starts available. Plant sales were good which was nice because there is strong competition for starts at the market. We had alot of return customers who have been with us for years. Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Me moved our location from the village green to the street this year on a temporary basis while the newly sown grass is taking hold on the green. We all loved the new location and so did our customers. The energy was like a stree fair; and the street is free! The board has my vote to move and many others feel the same way. We are all more than tired of the county bullying us around with the outlandish rate hikes and cavalier attitude. They should be happy to have us there. I hope we move just to be able to give it back to the short-sided, money hungry parks department.

It's been a rainy week. We were able to get in most of the potatoes before it came down. Still have 15 rows to go. Just waiting for it to dry out a bit. The rains been nice, perfect transplanting weather and thats what we're up to. We put in six beds of brassicas yesterday ( broccoli, cauliflower and kale) Six beds left in brassicaville, there's more broccoli ready to go today. Pea trellis's are up on the earliest peas. we'll continue installing as needed. Lots of potting up going on and still sowing indoors and out. Getting ready to run out of space soon. Strawberries will be here today. A little late I know but given the weather and other events I just hav'nt been able to get the new beds prepped. This rain will set us back a couple more days perhaps. It's hard once market satrts to get everything done as it takes out two days of the week. One for harvest and one to do the market. Oh yeah and everything needs to be mowed. And.... weedy! when the sun comes out they will explode. Get the weed arsenal ready!

So much to do. When and how will it all happen?

Farmer John