Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To Business

Holidays are over and were at the first Monday of the new year and it's back to business as usual. Contrary to what you may think, January is actually a very busy month for us. Mostly planning and setting up for the up coming season. Seed orders are being compiled and will soon be submitted. We're getting ready to fence in a new section so we'll be planning and ordering materials for that as well as ordering and installing a new greenhouse. Still looking for one more person to work on the farm this year. We have a little more ground under cultivation this year. We'll most likely be a little short on labor but we can probably get by. I'll just have to work a little harder this year. That's OK. I'm getting fat anyway and could use the exersise. Lots of other projects happening too. Still repairing flood damage and other maintenance chores along with cleaning up some outdoor storm damage stuff.

Once February hits we're pretty much working full time again. Not only working on infrastructure but actually sowing seed in flats in the greenhouse that are destined for transplant into the field and doing some field work in our drier spots. Coming into the season well prepared and with a clean conscious of not having alot of un-finished projects hanging over your head gets us off on the right path for having a successful year.

2010 actually turned out to be our best year ever and it feels like we're on the right track. My goal for this year is to up our volume, increase fertility and reduce our overhead. Pretty much the same goal as always. Make this year better than the last.

Stay tuned in. Lots of good stuff happening this year.

Keep well,

Farmer John