Friday, August 28, 2009

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"

Sorry... It's been a damn long time since I've posted. Just too darned busy. Ironic, this is the time when there is the most to write about. It's been a busy summer obviously. This years dry, hot conditions have provided us with the best tomato crop I think I've ever seen. Gorgeous! Paul Robeson is STILL my favorite tomato ever. Lovin the black cherries and of course the sungolds as always are complety off the chain.

The pigs are growing nicely with the exception of our full breed mangalitsa. He's still alot smaller than his buddies. The biggest of which is about 180lbs I'd guess. Before too long we'll be having a hog roast. Can't wait.

The season is beginning to feel a bit autumnal But it is still clearly summer and the bounty is on. Changes are in store soon. Just five more outdoor markets before we move inside for the fall. Sales have been good at the market. I think we are up a little for the year. Wholesale sales are off a bit due to the economy. Overall I think we're doing OK. It's been a bit of a turbulent year. Could be better, need more space.

The new land we are working this year has potential but not much progress has been made on the water situation. No water.... no farm. The potatoes I put in there showed promise in the beginning. Not enough water and then having them ravaged by the deer pretty much nailed the coffin shut. We are harvesting some potatoes from there but the yield is terible and there is heavy wire worm casulty. We'll try that next year under an improved situation. ie, a fence and irrigation and a different location in the field away from the neighbor.

We've had deer issues in the strawberry field. It's an ugly story I'm tired of telling. In short there are no strawberries and there will not be until next year. Nuts!

That'll do for now. Just easing back into a blogging routine. More to come on a "regular" schedule.

Farmer John