Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hell Yeah!

July has come and gone and we are celebrating the best month we've ever had by a long shot. It's been an interesting year from a growers viewpoint. We grew lot of specialty items this year and they have really set us apart. This has been a great year in the kitchen too. Lots of new recipes and can I just say how much fresh herbs can change your cooking! All in all, it's been an eye opener of a year. I'm seeing and hearing about alot of growers in our region having a challenging season. Feeling very thankful we are having a good year.

That's not to say we hav'nt had our challenges here though. Germination has been a constant stuggle this year. I've lost the last two sowings of beets. Hmmpf! We're going to have a big gap there and time is quickly eroding to plant again. Greens too have been hard this summer ( as always) and of course everyone wants whatever you don't have. It's all part of the game. So we're trying to keep the momentum and catch up on a couple of things. Some of the later stuff is coming on and replacing things that are on ther're way out. Bye bye favas, you've been real good to us this year and hello squash, cukes, tomatoes and potatoes!

Time to scoot. Keep it real peeps,

Farmer John