Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back in the groove

Finally,  new posting after almost a year off not blogging.  One hell of a year it was though.  Great times and a very successful season.  We had a mild winter that has allowed us to basically have a continual harvest throughout the entire winter and even now we still making weekly deliveries to a few accounts and the grocery store.  Quite a bit of ground already direct sown with cold hardy greens.  Peas and favas are in as well with more to be sown very soon. Our propagation houses are filling up fast and we're just about ready to start transplanting into our other big greenhouse at the main field.  We'll be squeezing things in just about anywhere we can fit them at this point.  It'd be nice as I always wish for this time of year to have it dry out a bit more so we could make a little more room so we don't get backed up.It'll be what it'll be though, wet or dry, we'll deal.

We opened up our pizzeria this year too.  It's called Hogstone's Wood Oven.  We've been open just about a month.  We have a lot of work to do but we're finding a groove.  All in good time.  The one thing for sure is the pizza is very good and we're off to a great start.  We're invested into taking our farming to the next level which I know may sound cliche-ish but we love to cook.  It inspires us and we like to share that inspiration with other.  It's also real.  We like real. Real is good.

Katie and I just returned from a week in Tuscany.  It was amazing and I'm very inspired by the things I saw and learned there. I celebrated my 50th birthday while there, I couldn't dream of a better place to do so.  Italians take style, food and drink to an elevated level and it was one of those take a step back and reflect moments.  I'm humble by nature but as I reflect, I just think to myself  "dude...  you've done a lot of cool shit" 

For now,  there is much to do for the new season.  More planning than physical labor, which at times can be frustrating.  Spring time tends to toy with your emotions and patience is a virtue.  I'm ready, a new season, spring in step and intently focused on being the best we can be.


Farmer John