Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming out of a summer lull

This has been an odd year weather wise. The cool temps have pushed all of the summer crops back by a good month if not more. Things are starting to kick in though. I was just out in the greenhouses and there are quite a few tomatoes that are ripe and ripening. Normally at this point in the season we are harvesting a couple hundred pounds per week. We have just had a few here and there at this point. Hopefully the weather will kick in and w'll be in the tomatoe business. Peppers and eggplant have yet to set fruit. Summer squash has just been a trickle of normal. Grenn beans are just starting to happen. Garlic is harvested and curing and we have been harvesting a couple hundred pounds of baby potatoes for the last couple of weeks. Our main crop of potatoes wil be flowering in a couple of weeks.

So with the delay, havests have been a little off but we've been holding our own. We had a nice rain on Saturday and the weather looks promising this week so I'm expecting things will pop and we'll be in full production. Strawberries should be back on this week too and we have new beds of lettuce ready to harvest for greens. The farm looks really good right now. Everything is healthy and lucious.

Stil sowing new crops too. Just put in two beds of beets and a bed of turnips yesterday. Lots of sowing in flats right now too. Things like kale, collards, choi and the like. Recently sown carrots, beets, onions, radishes and greens are all up and looking good. We are setting up fo a tremendous fall. Hopefully we'll make up our shortfall from the flukey weather this summer.

Time to roll.

Keep well,

Farmer John

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