Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peak Tomato

Tomatoes are on at their peak right now. We have about 300 lbs going to market today. Although this has been a difficult year to grow toms, it is turning out to be an outstanding season. Yields are about normal but the quality and flavor are the best I have seen in years. We're seeing lots of big guys ripening on the vine. There are a few standouts. Paul Robeson, Momotaro, Nayagou, Sioux and the Black Plums are especially tasty. So in the end patience pays off.
We have more nice weather on the way so I'm expecting another good harvest for next week but they won't last too much longer. The plants continue to look healthy though so we'll see. We could have tomatoes into November if the weather stays halfway decent.

Potatoes are coming on strong as well. We have Yukon Golds, German Butterballs, Austrian Crescent and Rose Fir Apple fingerlings. The're wonderful.

Broccoli and Bok choi are back on. Kale, cabage, turnips, beets, peppers and winter squash are all on in abundance too!

This is a great time of year. Most everything is at it's prime. So come on down to the market and stock up.

Good eating.

Farmer John

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Katie (Oakhill Organics) said...

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