Monday, March 14, 2011


Every year for the past several it appears that our spring weather gets more challenging to work in. This year has been worse than previous. It's very wet and the soil is cold. We've had a couple days above 50 but I can't recall more than a couple of days where we had sun and we're currently in a windy stretch. Even the crops in the greenhouses are just setting there. Nothing is really growing yet. Quite frustrating.

My frustration however pales in comparison to what's happening in Japan. It's so devaststing. My heart goes out to the peolple. I can't stop thinking about the videos of the tsunami encroaching on the land. It looks like this was a large agricultural area. Lots of fields that looked like they had either just been planted or were about to be. Hundreds of greenhouses. What happens with that land? It seems it would forever be contaminated. What happens with all of the trash and debris? How many farmers died? The nuclear issue? What a mess. So sad.

Things and times are changing without a doubt. Are you ready? I keep running this scenario through my head of how we would handle a similar situation. We'd be better off possibly than most folksI guess but really would we be? We'd lose our house but hopefully not our land. we have no earthquake insurance so we'd be paying for something we do not have and would suffer other great financial difficulties. Our economy would at best temporarily buckle and our paper assets would plummet. Hell who am I kidding, we'd probably go down the toilet. It would'nt really matter. Values would change, things that really matter would come into immediate focus. The health of our family and friends foremost and their continued well being and survival. we'd be cutoff from the mainland. No supplies, food, fuel etc. Hopefully we would all be together with our families, but perhaps not. A loved one, especially a child off island for a sporting or school event, that would suck. It's all heavy stuff to think about but I think we all know we should be thinking about it in very honest and realistic terms.

For the weather, ehh, it'll come around, the wind will stop, the sun will shine, plants will grow and all will be well. Hopefully we'll live our fragile existence with intent, dignity, respect and hope for the future. We've got some issues peeps, wake up calls can work to our advantage.

Keep your powder dry,

Farmer John

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