Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Got Screwed

Literally... Back in the day, 1996 I took an ugly spill out of bounds at Mt. Hood while snowboarding and did some serious damge to my lower right leg and ankle. After a 5 hour surgery to put it back together and another year of recovery I was doing OK. Recently It's been acting up so I had a specialist take a look and was told I would need surgery. So I had it done this last Friday. I'm out for the next 12 weeks recuperating. Basically they had to fuse my lower joint as it was super arthritic and bone on bone. They cleaned all that out and put a big ass screw right through the bottom of my heel, up into the joint, I have to stay off of it so long because it has to knit together just the same as if I had broken a bone. There were a couple of other issues they handled as well. So hopefully I'll be able to get around much better and without the pain.

Luckily I'm my own boss and can get the time off! I'll be back in the field come early February which is right on schedule for what we normally do. Until then there is much indoor work to be accomplished. Farm plans, seed ordering and organizing are just a few things we're working on this time of year. Were still expanding while also trying to keep a hold of what we're currently doing. We have some fertility issues to address and we'll have more fencing to build and more ground to work up. We're trying to consolidate our efforts into our Stonebridge site which is where we're doing most of our production these days. It's kind of an evolving proccess for us here and we're still adapting. We'll get there soon.

I'm a little tipsy from my meds and the page is getting fuzzy, better sign off now.

Keep well,

Farmer John


Julie Barrett said...

Sending you get well wishes! Been there last November and yes you will need a full 12 weeks for recovery, and then some!!! Don't try anything silly. Your farm plans sound great. Being laid up for awhile with meds has its advantages haha. Guilt free luxury to read for one. I relished those seed catalogs too. By March I was back at seeding. Best to you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the well wishes Julie