Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's happening at MRF?

Well, lots. The greenhouse is practically full of flats filled with starts. It's always so exciting when the first seedlings emerge signaling the start of a new season and another notch in the belt of the promise of a good farming year.

Focusing this year on streamling operations and keeping detailed records to determine the true cost per crop of what we grow. Increasing the bottom line by tightening the belt on expenses as opposed to continual growth. I would like to see an increase in sales but that will not be as important as cutting back on expenditures.

This year feels like it holds much promise. The weather has been mild an I'm going with the predictions of a warmer than normal summer. We'll perhaps grow more heat loving crops than in years past.

Seed orders are just arriving and things will be ramping up quickly in the next couple of weeks.

We still have openings for the next earth to plate dinner on the 27th. Give a shout if you would like to come. Cost is $50.00 per plate plus gratuity.

More to come later.

Take it easy,

Farmer John