Friday, April 9, 2010

A seriously kick ass day

Alright so things havn't been exactly ideal in the weather dept but despite that, we are getting some things in the ground. Our friends from Doe Bay Resort came over yesterday and layed down a steady beat of transplanting, sowing and potting up. We got more down in one day that we would have done in a week and had a great time to boot. Awesome! Thank you friends.

We transplanted two beds of sugar snap peas and direct sowed another four beds as well as four beds of favas. We also transplanted a 150 ft bed of salad greens and potted up several flats of tomatoes and a few artichokes. Nice, It feels so great to get things in the ground. It's still cold and windy and we even had a hail storm yesterday but these are all hardy plants and should do fine. We'll be putting in more just as soon as space comes up.

We'll also keep sowing in flats in the prop house. It's time for more lettuce, broccoli. artichokes, basil, onions, peppers and a few other things that I'm sure have slipped my mind. We could start sunflowers now and very soon we'll be sowing winter and summer squash and corn. I normally sow corn in flats even though they say you cant. It works fine and gives us a good jump. I also sow it direct in the field as the soil temp comes up. We grow Hookers Black or at least thats what I think it is. We got the seeds from sydney Coffelt of Coffelts farm. She's been growing it for many years. Great corn. Short stalk and always produces. Pretty colors too. Starts out yellow, turns purple, then black.

I have not looked at the forecast yet but hopefully it's calling for warm and dry? We'll be seriously busy very soon .

All the best.

Farmer John

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