Monday, March 10, 2008

Anybody Out There?

Helllloooo, Uhhh, anyone? Bueler? What happened? Is that it? Well, sorry folks, gotta go off for a minute. Please, You cant be telling me that Orcas, A hip, progressive, forward thinking community of 5,000 plus people has less than 100 people that belong to a CSA farm. I'm not just talking just about MRF. I mean all of the farms on Orcas combined don't have 100 members. Shocking!

We're pretty much at a stand still here. There is no money. Bills are due, seed orders are on hold. We are in the middle of March. Our most difficult month. We have a ton of things to move forward on but are not able to proceed any further at this time without receiving funds. This is when we really , really need you to sign up. Not April, Not May. Now. I'm not putting any candy coating on it. If you like having local farms in you community we need for you to show us. Beggin aint my business folks, Growing food is. We need your support.

Here's the dirt. I need $5,000 to cover the month. How are we going to get there? Thats 25 members at our average payment of $200 or only 10 members at $500. Thats a totally doable number either way. Come on Orcas! I know you can do it! show me.

Your's truly,

John Steward


Owen said...

Hey John,
What about an advertising campaign. I know you put up your sign up sheets...what about a collective poster alerting people to all of the CSA opportunities available. Possibly an advertisement in the paper. Anyway I'll see what I can do to drum up some support.
Hope you were able to enjoy the incredible weather of the day. Owen

Chris said...


I don't live on the island (Not yet anyway. I live in Tacoma), but I support the cause. If you send me all the info for an 11x17in poster, I'll design it for free and e-mail it to you in .pdf format. I don't have the resources to have it printed in mass quantities, but at least you'll have something to send out via e-mail and print if you so desire. I'll have it back to you by the weekend if you get me the info today. I'm at work and don't have time to send you my design portfolio, but I am giving you the service for free if you want it. It will look professional as this is what I presently do for a living, even though I'd rather be farming. Send me as many hi-resolution photos as you can of the farm, produce, trucks, tractors, people, and anything else that represents maple rock farm. The more photos and information I have, the easier and quicker I can get it done. If you want to chat over the phone, e-mail me at, and I'll reply with my phone number.