Thursday, March 13, 2008

People Do Care

It's been an interesting couple of days. I've recieved some help from more than a few of you out there and it is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank You to all of you. All I can say is it's just really nice and it's starting to feel more like what I have always invisioned and that's people really caring about their food source and actually having a relationship with their growers. Cool!

So, For me just knowing that people do care and are willing to take action is a huge boost. Huge. Sometimes I hit the wall and it makes me wonder why I'm doing this? To have a little help from the outside makes it loud and clear. So again, thank you.

Things are looking better. We still have a tough month ahead of us but I know it's all going to work out just fine.

Yesterday, we transplanted four beds of Bok Choi and planted out three more beds of fava beans, another bed of shelling peas one bed of arugula and another of mixed Asian braising greens. Did a little clean up, made a couple of sales and raked out some beds. Not a bad day.

Today we have a restaurant orders to fill and perhaps some more tansplanting and direct sowing. If we can make some more room and have time we'll sow up a few more flats of something.

Keep well,



chris said...

Hey John,

I saw that you had linked to us for some inspiration. Cool! Thanks for the props. Feel free to email me anytime you have any questions. I'll see if I can help. Plus I'm working on a farmer resource site too- it's called

Keep up your great work. And don't worry, the money will come.

Walter Jeffries said...

Hope things pickup for MRF CSA. I'm watching with great interest. We sell pigs as piglets, growers, whole pigs and cuts wholesale to stores and restaurants. Last fall we worked with a CSA at another farm and we're thinking about how a CSA fits in with our ways and visa-versa. Ergo, I strive to learn all I can from watching your experiences. Keep chronicling them here!