Sunday, March 16, 2008

Make it work

Stirring the nest makes things happen. I've gotten a lot of response and some kind words of support from other farmers off my last couple of posts. Thanks. I'm really not a whiner. I live my life with intent and take action and make comment as I see fit. My experience has always been action = activity. Things are starting to flow again and I've received many verbal commitments to pay so it looks like we're back swing'n on a steady roll. Hopefully this week I'll have enough in to pick up our seed potatoes and a few other supplies.

The greenhouse shuffle is on. Constantly moving flats around and setting out as they become ready. It's been a little wet but we have the upper hand and have beds ready and waiting thanks to the earlier dry weather. Everything is looking great!

Direct sown peas are up and I was able to flame weed most of them right before they germed. I missed a coulpe of beds by a day, so it will be interesting to see the difference. Also the garlic we just planted is already up in full force! That was fast. I just finished my Sunday morning foliar spray and am very pleased how everything looks. I'll re- fill the greenhouse again today wth another round of starts. Not sure what yet. I'm thinking about basil and cucumbers. Early I know but I have a couple of ideas. we'll see. We'll be putting in our early potatoes this week too. Im going to put them in the very worst soil on the farm and mulch them with hay. I'll undersow with a low growing cover crop after they are established. That way Hopefully we'll get a crop and be adding organic matter to the soil at the same time. I'll keep you postd on that one.

Time to hit it. Bye for now


Saw more deer tracks this morning. Really gotta finish that fence or I'll be sorry. I have a couple of wascally wabbits awound here too. I'm thinking stew... or maybe braised with tender mustard greens.

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matt said...

John shared with us some beautiful fresh cabbage (first of the season?) and we cooked it up in a spectacular way.

Pull the leaves off of two MRF cabbages and chop coarsely.

Blanche the cabbage in generously salted, rolling-boil water.

In a saute pan, melt some butter (or, if you have just cooked pork chops like I did... then use some of the rendered pork fat! Yum!) and add a little bit of minced garlic over low heat.

Drain the cabbage when it becomes soft but not falling apart (you will need to boil it a longish time, like maybe 10 minutes).

Add the cabbage to the saute pain. Cook for 1-2 minutes to remove some of the excess water.

Add about 1 Tsp really nice balsamic vinegar. This gives a nice acidity and sweetness. Cook for another minute until the liquid has thickened and barely coats the cabbage.

Salt and pepper to taste. A little dinky pinch of cayenne can perk it up if you prefer.

(Serve with those pork chops you hopefully cooked earlier. I use salt, pepper and finish with fresh lime juice).