Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow Day

OK, it's the 19th of April and it's snowing! Cool. We had the best day yesterday. It's just glorious to have the greenhouses to retreat to. We prepped our first tomato bed, potted up lots and lots of seedlings into 4" pots and sowed about 40 flats of lettuce. It was actually a bit serendipitous. Sometimes things in flats can just go by the wayside. Spring is a busy time and occasionally we just miss the timing and let things stay in the flats too long and they pretty much die. So yesterday we got a good jump on getting starts into their new homes and avoided letting many of them go bad. We did a culling of starts that didn't make it too. We had a few things that we'll have to re-sow due to frost damage from the last heavy frost a couple of weeks ago. Especially peppers and eggplants. They really dislike this weather!

We have flats everywhere, including outside. We re-organized and moved everything inside for the next few days while this front moves through. we made tents in the greenhouse and have all of the tender plants covered in remay to protect them from freezing. Last year about this time we had a hard frost come through and take out quite a few toms. Hoping to avoid that scenario this year. Depends how cold it gets as the high starts to build and the cloud cover moves out. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm also hoping we don't get a hail storm today. I can deal with snow but we just put out about 400 broccoli plants earlier this week. It would be ashamed if they got hailed on. It'l be what it'l be. We have another 400 to put out next week regardless.

We're in full gear despite the weather. I'ts going to be an awesome season!

Keep well, enjoy a good book and cook some good eats!

Farmer John

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