Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Is Spring?

Needless to say I think we are all wondering if spring will ever arrive. This has been a most frustrating time for us. Opposite of last year which was tough because it was wet, this year is dry but just darned cold. The plants that we have out are pretty much just sitting there. In hind sight, we would have benefited from using row covers this year but I still stand behind my deciscion to use less pertroleum based products, especially plastic. Hopefully we can just link a few solid days of sun together before the market starts on May 3rd. If not, I'm doubtful there is going to be much fresh veg out there. The good news here is we escaped from any major damage from the cold snap we had. Some minor frost damage but I think things will recover OK.

We have been harvesting and delivering steadily since February and just barely meeting our production demands. As the season progresses, so does demand, so the tight availabilty will be with us for awhile. Please just know we are doing the best we can. The sun will shine and the bounty will grow. I know from experience that we will make up any spring shortfalls in a long productive autumn season. It is so much easier to grow into the fall than it is to have early Spring production. In the spring we're just fighting everything (mostly ourselves) cold soil temps, unsettled weather, wind, etc. Going into the fall plants can get established while it's nice and warm and then ease into the cold.

Here at MRF we pride ourselves on being the first early producers and going late into the year. So sometimes meeting with adversity is difficult to acknowledge. Best thing is just not to sweat it.

All of that said, The first tomatoes have been transplanted into the greenhouse. They are neatly tucked into their wall o waters and waiting for sun. My prediction is this year will be a difficult year to have success with tomatoes. I think we may just stick to planting in the grenhouses.

It'll be transplant city around here again today. Lots going on. We are close to having all of our available ground planted out.

Gotta get going here. Take care all.

Farmer John

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