Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Berry Batman!

Well now. Strawberries are on like I have never seen before. The're on so thick that when you're picking you don't have to move much. Just stand there and pick about 4 pints from one location. We picked 11 flats this evening before we simply burned out on picking them. ( we had a big day here) We'll go back in the morning. Catch us in town around noon if you would like some. They'll go fast so don't tarry along the way. They are gorgeous, delicious and good for you. They are not sprayed with posion. They are grown with love, very expensive and worth every penny. $5.00 pint. Call ahead or e mail me if you would like to order a flat (12 pints)

Today we installed trellising and tied up three rows of tomatoes. We also culivated those as well as about 10 rows of potatoes. Also cultivated the garlic beds. This is when they are pushing to bulb up and don't like any weed competition. Really happy to get that project started! Also mowed around the farm tonight. Things were looking a litlle shabby. It's a big job just keeping things looking nice let alone farming as well.

It's hella busy right now. We are terminating and re-planting many areas right now. crazy, gotta keep it rolling.

Happy 4th of July to you all. See you at the fireworks.

Keep well,


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carolyn@beetstreetcsa said...

mmn.... we're only doing veg this year, sooo jealous of your berries!!

glad to hear that your cool spring hasn't put that harvest off... strawberries in these parts haven't been as sweet as usual this summer due to a very rainy spring, but still so much more delicious than the imposters at the supermarket.

yay farming!!