Thursday, June 26, 2008

No Farmers!

I just returned from a trip to eastern Washington. One of my favorite things to do while visiting other areas is to check out the local farmers markets. Sadly my visit to the Twisp market was a dissapointment. There were no farmers. I asked one of the vendors about it and she said that most of the farmers had retired or moved on. What a shame. I came away thinking about how fortunate we are on Orcas to have such a lively farming community. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Getting caught up in our day to day lives, it sometimes takes a visit to another place to recognize our abundance.

One of the best things about the trip though (aside frome some quality family time) was seeing all of the orchards. The cherry harvest was just beginning and there were many other types of fruit. Apples, apricots and peaches mainly. Thosands of acres of wheat which was really interesting. All dry land farming. It was beautiful.

It was also great to come back. We have such a wonderful crew. They did a great job and I think they enjoyed having me be gone. Not in a bad way but in an empowering way. It's a great feeling for me to be able to leave and not even give it a second thought. Thanks guys, you rule!

Theres alot going on still in the way of planting. We hopefully will get our main crop of potatoes in this afternoon. Other stuff too. Late summer, fall and winter plantings of just about everything. Beets, turnips, brassicas, greens, beans etc, etc.

Anyway, back into full swing. Time to get a move on.

Keep well,


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Katie (Oakhill Organics) said...

no farmers in twisp?????? but i used to know TONS of them? where'd they all go? yikes!

glad you have a good gig on orcas. we're glad to be in oregon.