Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Too Bad

Well, This whacky weather seems like it's gotta settle down here soon. Looks like another cloudy cool day. I've just been checking out some of the other farms sites around the Northwest. (virtual farm tours are a good thing) It seems as though if everyone is having some type of difficulty. If you get a chance, check out Blue Fox Farm on my link page. These folks have a gorgeous farm and there crops all look so healthy. They are quite a bit warmer than us but it's hard not to be envious of their harvests. Stunning.

Things are transistioning here a bit. Lots of groundwork being done making space for waiting successions from in the greenhouse. It feels great and I love the way the farm takes on a new face. The propagation house will quickly revert to a hoop house with beds where we'll grow our eggplants and peppers. We are adjusting our plantings a bit to adjust for the cooler summer. Just guessing here but I'm thinking the cooler than normal weather will continue. We're sowing more greens, broccoli and peas and a few others that will do well in these conditions. Melons? We've been hopeful but my hope is beginning to wane. Corn too. Just don't think it's going to do it this year. Also we have quite a few outdoor toms in. They are pretty much just sitting there. If they don't kick in here soon We might want to consider replacing them with something that will perform. Tough call. We are coming up on our deadline of summer squash, cukes and bean plantings here in a couple of weeks. We'll get in a second sowing on those guys shortly. We'll be planting our main crop of potatoes next week. I know it sounds late and it is compared to what the big guys do. We planted on July 1st last year and had a wonderful fall harvest. I'm hoping for even more success this year.

The fall and overwinting things are just being sown. I'm hoping for more root crop types of things this year, especially beets, carrots and turnips. Of course we'll keep the standards too, Brussel's sprouts, cabbage, collards, kale and the like. I'm still hoping for a bountiful fall harvest. Last year it made all the difference for us profit wise. This year appears to shaping up the same.

So it's all moving along slowly but surely.

The big news here is the strawberries are on. They are yummy and beautiful.

Generally I am just thankful. Those poor farmers back in Iowa are taking a beating. Think about it for just a moment. Corn is at an all time high at around $7.00 a bushel. The farmers there were all poised to have a banner year and actually make some money for a change and now they have nothing. Wiped out in a week. I don't know if I could take that. And as a side note, corn will go through the roof as well as wheat. Pretty sure you know how that translates.

Happy Solstice week and have fun at the parade.

Keep well,


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Chris said...

Thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated. Our crew works hard to make it happen. Weird season so far though weather wise. I'm from Missouri and the scene back there is crazy as in Iowa.