Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crap weather

Here we go, nor'easter # two! Well, if the first round of frigid weather didn't kill the overwintering plants I'm almost positive this one will. It's just too much stress. I've goy my fingers crossed that at least some of the kale will survive. It'll be a miracle if it does.

This is some classic bad timing. I lost my side job a couple of months ago and have been relying solely on the farm for an income. Things were going pretty well and sales have been brisk. I was keeping up. Now with the killing weather, that is gone too.

Time for plan C. Uhh. lets see boss, what is plan C? Better make one up.

This time of year I always send out a wrap up letter for the season and solicit membership for our CSA. The letter is ready and will go out at the first of the year. We need signups! Please, this is setting up to be a rough year. If you can, please send in your renewals and new membership payments ASAP.

Things are rough for alot of people right now. The timing of the weather has made it even harder. Retail sales from local shop owners are off, construction has mostly halted and the restaurants are quiet. I hope we get through this stormy December and see things normalize a bit. I'll be aiming at re-planting earlier than normal in 2009. It's hard to fight mother nature but maybe we'll catch a break?

Anyway, if you can help us out we'd be grateful.

Hang in there everyone, things will get better.

Happy holidays to all.

Farmer John

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Chris said...

our winters are pretty cold here. we've been in the teens the last couple of nights. i think your plants will make it. ours always do. even if they look like hell right now. garlic, onions, cauli, kale, chard, leeks, carrots, parsnips always make it it seems. good luck.