Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hold On To Your Skivies

Aye, got a noreaster blowing in this weekend. We're expecting winds gusting up to fifty MPH and temps to drop into the teens and stay that way for several days. Not especially looking forward to it. It's been so nice I think I'm little on the wussie side.

This event will pretty much end the season for us. I'm sure most things will take a beating. I'm particularly sad about my fava beans. I've never successfuly overwintered a crop and had high hopes I would pull it off this year. There is a beautiful stand all about 3 ft tall and luscious. Maybe they'll make it but I doubt it. Oh well, at least they're cover crop.

I'll harvest as much as I can today to store into the walkin. That will cover deliveries for the next couple of weeks. If anyone would like fresh produce just give me a call. I have salad greens, braising greens, kale, turnips, potatoes, cabbage, brussels sprouts and bok choi.

It's been a good year. The best ever for sales volume, length of season and eating.

Here's a great recipe for turnips I got from Tyler Florence of the Food Network.

Peel and chunk up your turnips and simmer in milk with a sprig of fresh thyme until fork tender.
(I also added celeriac when I made it) Remove some of the milk and then mash or use an immersion blender to make them the consistency of mashed potatoes. Add salt and pepper to tast. Delicious! I served mine with rack of lamb and fresh greens. Truly an unforgettable food moment.

I'll still have turnips, potatoes, kale and cabbage for weeks to come. Don't be shy. call me.

Hold on tight

Farmer John


Katie (Oakhill Organics) said...

yikes yikes yikes. good luck during this one. i'm just hoping for some snow to help insulate first. we're supposed to get some tonight through monday. that would help a lot.

B Wolf said...

Culture shock back in the mirror world.
Minneapolis: -6 degrees, snow and ice, more to come. Yup, its winter, its a slap in the face, its life and death. The climate trying so hard to kill you, take you down, make you cringe. But instead of letting it, you get on your bike, go listen to some music in a warm lounge with old friends and nothing else matters. Warmth of company, thats what its really about and its beautiful.
Be winter triumphant!
Between shaking of the fist its hard not to see the beauty.