Friday, February 29, 2008


I like beer. Beer is good. So, a funny story about beer. I was tilling yesterday and came across a poker chip from the pub for a free beer. I was laughing and yelling BEER! BEER! yeah baby beer. Well, everyone else thought I was yelling DEER. It was'nt until late in the day when we all had discoverd what had happend. Funny, Well... ok, guess you had to have been there. It's always fun when something cool turns up in the soil. One day we found an arrowhead, another day a wedding ring. One day a buried homesteader was found ( not by us but at one of our sites) creepy.

Finding things in the soil has always been fascinating. I remember one day when I was about 10 years old I was at my grandpa Gids homestead out in western Oklahoma. Grandpa had passed long before I was born so I never had the chance to meet him. I'm always thinking about him though. He was a farmer and a blacksmith. Anyway, I remember finding and old metal snap one day out where his garden used to be. I remember thinking that must of been and snap off a pair of grandapas overalls. I 've long lost that snap but the memory of that and that of ol Gid still live on. I wonder if Grandpa liked beer?

Here on the farm I'm always coming across something, mostly old tools. Makes me wonder about ol man Pinneo. You know we have it so easy these days. Just think how different things were back at the turn of the century. Life was a lot harder back then. We bitch about everything. We have about six ferries a day. Hell, back then there might a been six ferries a year!

Things have changed alot and are continuing to do so. Looks like we're headed for some $5.00 gallon fuel prices this summer. Hang on to your chonies folks, prices is goin up! Good time to be thinking LOCAL.

Keep it real,


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