Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weather Dodging

If you live in this part of the world you are high fivin. We have dodged so much of the wild weather this year. Very moderate well spaced rainy times, no floods, a little snow and mostly mild temps. We'll see sun again today for like the 7th day in row or smething crazy like that. As most of the northern US prepares for yet another arctic blast next week, we are tilling and planting our spring crops. This whole global climate change thing really seems to be working out well. (you know I'm kidding right?)

Rant for the day: Sustainable wannabes, Stay away and respect my privacy! Do not knock on my door. Do not enter my house. Don not leave me your conformist ideals of how you perceive the world should be.

And now a quote from Wendell Berry.

"the trick is to keep the talk intelligent. Sustainable is already virtually a useless term. We're going to do durable next or something like that. We'll be reduced to long-lasting or permanent or eternal. Terminology has to be specific and elaborate. And that simply means that you've got to have people who insist that thier food comes from good farms, and that means they've got to recognize what a good farm is."

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Minister of Markets said...

There are those who get up at the crack of dawn and spend the entire day doing back-breaking work in the fields...

And then there are those who wax poetically about carbon footprints but don't belong to a CSA...

The disconnect is phenomenal.