Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice Weather Coming

Here it is. We have a nice high pressure ridge building that looks like it will allow us some really nice weather coming up later this week and holding for about 10 days. They are talking temps in the 60's Yahoo! This is typical and often allows us to get on our ground and do a little soil work. I'll be preping some of my drier areas in anticipation of planting the very earliest crops like peas, fava beans, lettuce, choi, arugula, mizuna, broccoli raab and a few others. If you you miss this window you'll be behind the rest of the year.

We'll be seeing greenhouse work continually increasing from here on out. Most of the flats we have sown over the last few weeks have have germinated and we'll be moving them off the heat table to make room for the second round. I like to start a few flats of tomatoes at this time and then sow a few more flats in about a month. I'm probabally early on a few things but I like to be prepared and have things ready to transplant if the weather turns nice. We can get a jump on the season if we have early production.

Perhaps the nice weather will spur people into thinking about farming /gardening and provoke them to join a CSA. We hav'nt had a sign up for weeks now. Bummer. March is gonna be Brutal.

So the pace will change dramatically from here on out. There is lots to do around the farm. Repair, spring clean up, field prep, sowing and equipment maintenance are the priority. I'm ready.

Take care,

Farmer John

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