Saturday, February 9, 2008

Patience youth

Howdy folks, Things are starting to swing towards work here. Just waiting to really get going. We have a few things in flats germing on the heat table and a few newly sown beds in the hundred foot greenhouse. Nothing out of the ordinary. Greens mostly. Still harvesting some beautiful lettuce from the fifty foot house and I have several outdoor beds that are trying to recover from many nights of sub freezing temps. We'll see if they make the cut.

I'ts like waiting for Christmas. Patience youth.

I'm trying to get some equipment maintenance done before I get swamped. Regular stuff, Change the oil & filters and lube the tractors and riding mower. Sharpen the blades on all of the mowers. Order and change out tiller blades etc. etc. and on and on. Also working on getting my cultivating tractor going and getting the tool bar all set up with the proper knives etc. I've been lagging on this one for too long. Going to be needing that one this year for sure. Can't get the damn thing started right now. Patience youth.

Still working on marketing, CSA sign ups and other behind the scenes stuff. We are experiencing a lull in CSA sign ups. Sure is a big dissapointment when I hit the mail box hoping I'll have at least one and there is none. Trying to keep my chin up. Patience youth.

There is a ton of property maintenance to be done. Some of I'm just turning a blind eye on until later. Too overwhelming to even think about it. Just trying to pick one project a day and complete that task. It starts to get easier when you start checking things off your list. Patience youth.

It will all happen soon enough. I'm excited about the season and prospects for the future and ready to roll for 2008. There are a couple of web sites I gaing some particular motivation from right now. One is and the other is Both of these sites have excellent blogs and some great farm pics and ideas. Farming can be a little lonely at times and it's cool to think about other people who are doing the exact same thing as you, just in another location. My hats off to you guy's. Keep it rollin.

Take care all.

Farmer John

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