Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Times

Times is good on the farm. We could'nt be much more on it. We are filling ordedrs and sowing everyday. Prop house is full to the brim. The first tomatoes are germinating and we have an entire 3rd succession sown right behind that. Yes, I've completely gone mad once again. By my calculation theres somewhere close to 4,000 tomato seeds sown. Maniacal!

We'll move outside today and direct sow more peas and greens. Just need to form up a few more beds.

Short ordered on favas but I'll order some up today. Fava beans are my new favorite veg. Definately food of the Gods. I used to not eat them much because I felt like I didn't have the time to deal with them. They are a little time consuming, especially if you take off the inner peel. I have a quicker way that works best for my busy schedule. Simply shuck and steam for about 5 minutes, then pop em into the food processor and spin with olive oil and salt to taste. I use mine for pizza but it's great anyway.

So here's a little fun background on fava's taken from Saveur magazine. March 3rd is Festes De Medir in Barcelona Spain. During this annual festival comemorating Saint Medir, the patron saint of favas, who was martyred in the fourth century while planting them, People riding on horseback through Barcelona's streets toss candies symbolizing favas to crowds of children below.

I feel so informed, I had absolutely no idea there was a patron saint of fava beans...... Crazy Spanards.

I'll certainly celebrate the day by planting them that day.

Anyway, good times.

Farmer John

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