Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last minute desicion to put in some garlic. It's late I know and I'm not for sure if will work but it's in. Six beds of it. I think the worst case scenario is that it comes up, grows but does'nt form bulbs. We'll just use it as green garlic then.

Started a few more flats of toms yesterday. Have a few more to go. We'll be seeding peppers and eggplants here real quick too. The greenhouse is ridiculously full. We've got flats everywhere. Hopefully we'll begin transplanting within the next week or so. First things out will be spinach and lettuce followed up by choi, broccoli raab and kale.

Today is a bit of a clean up/catch up/ organize kinda day. Dump run, burn pile, mowing/weed wacking, table building, seed sowing, firewood splittin, seed ordering, fence building, chicken coop cleaning, soil sifting, worm feeding, greenhouse cultivating etc, etc. Just another day at the office.

If I can get some beds made up we'll sow some outdoor peas. Who knows.

Keep those Csa sign ups coming in folks. We need 20 more members!

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