Monday, February 25, 2008

A Great Start

This last week the weather has pretty much been perfect. Highs in the low 50's low's in the low 40's. Sunny and dry. I've been getting a little more field work done each day. We're off to a great start. The prop house is bursting and all of the beds I planted in the hoophouses are up and looking great. I hav'nt checked out the outdoor beds I sowed last week but I would'nt be surprised if some of them were already germinating.

We will be planting our garlic this week. Way later than normal. In fact I was'nt even planning on growing garlic this year, however so many of the the other farmers had trouble with mold last year due to the wet conditions, I am thinking there won't be as much as a havest this year so it should be in higher demand.

We might actually might be able to transplant out a few flats of spinach this week. We sowed it on the 31st of January, it's just put on it's true leaves and is looking great. I have some direct sown outdoors and another round of 20 flats in the greenhouse. We're going to be needing more space here real soon so transplanting season may start a little earlier than normal. Yeah!

I cranked out another 60 flats of assorted items yesterday like celery, parsley, lettuce, raab, choi, and fennel. We'll be sowing alot more this week. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, gailan. It's here! It's going to be a kick ass year.

I'm very focused, directed and on task right now. I've got my blinders on and am trying to eliminate the minor annoyances and white noise in my world. It's hard. There is always so much to be done and so little time to do it. Lots of people wanting to take my time. I've got my head down and focused on farming and family right now. If you want in you're going to have to be pretty darn compelling. ( or have a check in your hand. lol ) It's an important growth year for the farm. We have some big hurdles to get over and it is my intent for this to be the most successful year ever. So far it looks like we are on track. I can't recall ever starting off this well.

Time to go.

Keep well, keep real.


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Chris said...


I am hoping you can recommend a few books that might help me learn more about farming in the Pacific Northwest (Especially Organic farming). After reading your blog and website, I am very much impressed and hopeful that society will eventually re-create our ties with the earth and with agriculture.