Monday, February 18, 2008

A Fine Day

Well, do I ever feel smart. I was able to capitalize on a very short weather window: plow, till set beds and fertilize at one of our drier sites. I got in fourteen 3 x 175 ft beds. That'll get us started. The rest of our sites are still too wet to get on. Getting beds set early will allow me to transplant even if it's too wet to till due to a wet spring which I would'nt be surprised by. We've already got starts up in the greenhouse's and it wont be long before they will need a home. So for now at least the first succession is taken care of. Looks like we're off to a great season.

The weather the last three days has been great. We missed that window last year and it set us back for the rest of the season. Today is presidents day, time to plant peas. We have some that we sowed direct into one of the greenhouse beds and about 20 flats sown in the prop house. I'll hold off a bit longer for the outdoor ones, they always just seem to set there anyway. Starting them indoors works well if you can keep the mice out of them. We have three bad ass kitties on patrol. No mice here!

Direct sown greenhouse beds of greens have just started germing. They'll take right off as the weather improves. We started a few flats of tomatoes today. I like to spread it out a little. It's a tad early perhaps. Perhaps not. We'll put em under lights and a cloche inside the greenhouse and them transplant them into a wall o water. Those things work great.

Nice harvest today. Salad greens, mizuna tops, cabbage, turnips, beets, kale and broccoli. Purple sprouting broccoli is just starting to form heads, it'll be on in a couple of weeks.

CSA sign ups and payments are trickling in. Keep em rolling folks, We have a couple of big hits coming. Seed potatoes, strawberry starts and more seed orders.

Things are rolling fairly strong here. It's good to be back at it. Just makes me feel good.

Keep well,


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