Friday, February 15, 2008

Imsomnia... A Bloggers Best Friend

"Happens to me every season change" 3:00 Am Schpiiing! awake. Option 1; Lay there, think about all the shit I need to do and all the broken crap I need to fix and all the bills coming in. Toss, turn.

Option 2; Get up, make coffee or sometimes a whiskey (aye drinkin in the mornin don't ye scold, for that's the time she takes ahold...ARGH) Light the fire, read, surf, ponder, blog.

Option 2 normally prevails. It's my time, no one elses. Quiet, (except the rooster) contemplative, thought provoking. A bloggers paradise.

What's on my mind? Many things. I began replacing some old fencing yesterday. The deer have won. They've wreaked havok on my overwintering crops and reduced me to a deer loathing bastard. Money, infrastructure repairs, etc. etc. Theres alot to do but I'm finally excited about doing something.

We already have the prop house filled up with flats. That was quick! Makes me think maybe we need a bigger prop house eh. At the least I'll be erecting a few more feet of benching to go into one of the other greenhouses.

I listen to alot of talk radio. So lately theres been a lot of talk about the stimulus plan and what you should do with you're windfall. W wants you to be patriotic and go buy a new flat screen TV. Others say you should pay down you're personal finance debt. For me, I'm giving the money to the farm. How about you? Not sure? Well, One option would be to join a CSA. In my opinion That's a very reasonable solution. It's good for the economy. It's local and green. You get something good in return and you help counter the fiscally irresponsible actions of our leaders. Just an idea folks.

And lastly, I'm having a seroius problem with our council. Recently, the council budgeted $5,000 to go to the farmers market. Great! Maybe, maybe not. It's come to my attention that the council is strongly urging (so we can continue to receive funds in the future) that the money be used to benefit the farmers. Great! Maybe, maybe not. The market board, acting under pressure from the council finally said OK we'll give the farmers a 25% discount on the space rental. The farmers only and not the crafters or food vendors. Great! NO! Not at all! Listen, all of the vendors need each other for our market to be successful and cohesive. Diversity is what makes a market a vibrant center of community activity. SO my first question is why not just give everybody a 10% discount. Apparently our council is a little short sighted on this one. Whats good for the market is good for the farmers. What I would most like to see is for the rate to stay the same and have the council let us do with it as we see fit. If the council is going to impose stipulations well then I think we should kindly say no thank you to the $5,000.00 It's simply not enough money to jump through hoops for.

But there is one other issue that I personally feel is huge mistake. The market board is now requiring that we all pay our rent up front by April 1st. Ok, Not that uncommon nor is it an unrealistic request but... If the county really wants to help the farmers. Let them negotiate with the parks board a new lease date so we can all pay our fees a little later in the year when we are making money. It's a lot easier for me to pay $700.00 in July than it is $500.00 in April. Running a busines a small business is all about cash flow. It does'nt take a genious to figure out that farmers don't have money in April.

Regardless, I'm paying my $500.00 on April 1st and making a $200 donation to the market in July. I'm writing a letter to the council and market board to express my concerns and certainly Not attending the Market meeting. I'ts going to be whiny and I simply can 't give it any of my energy. I just want to grow food and have the best year ever.

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